DODUCO contact Rivets -
A Proven, Reliable and Economic Solution

DODUCO ESPAÑA manufactures solid, composite bimetal and trimetal contact rivets for relays and all kinds of switching devices for the measurement and control of electricity.
On over 100 different rivet manufacturing machines, including internally developed cold and hot bonding machines, we produce about 1.5 billion rivets annually for customers around the world.  In addition we supply DODUCO's internal stamped parts production with contact rivets.
As contact materials we use

DODUCO's R&D department continuously develops new contact materials and improves existing ones. With the help of these resources DODUCO ESPAÑA supports the
customers' projects from the development start over the product life time, offers material recommendations and proposes potential cost savings.

Our high quality standards also apply to contact rivet manufacturing: DODUCO ESPAÑA is certified according to ISO 9002 as well as VDA and ISO TS.

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