Contact Materials, Semi-Finished Products, Contact Parts for
Power Engineering and Information Technology

The properties of the contact materials are the deciding factors for the reliable function of the contacts.  We develop and manufacture semi-finished products and contact parts from a broad range of contact materials. They are designed for the best performance in their respective areas of applications in the data transfer and communications technology, automotive electrical systems, automation and control technology, as well as low, medium and high voltage energy distribution technologies.

Dirk Moog
Dirk Moog
Business Unit Manager Electrical Contacts
+49 7231 602 232
Wilfried Ahlhaus
Wilfried Ahlhaus
Account Manager Electrical Contacts
+49 7231 602 557
Dr. Volker Behrens
Dr. Volker Behrens
R&D / Application Engineering
+49 7231 602 568
Thomas Honig
Thomas Honig
R&D / Application Engineering
+49 7231 602 623
Oliver Lutz
Oliver Lutz
Account Manager / Application Engineering Electrical Contacts
+49 7231 602 566
Marc Schulze
Marc Schulze
Sales Manager High and Medium Voltage
+49 7231 602 317